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Narrow folding table – When choosing the best folding tables, look for ease of movement and a stylish look. Unlike a folding utility table to be used for camping or view items in a garage sale, you must be attractive coffee table. The design may not be luxurious, but it should at least visually interesting function if it is to have a detailed top or unique leg. The build quality of a folding coffee table is also important, if you do not want the portable piece of collapse during use. If you find that you never fold and stow your narrow folding table, but its ability to fold sometimes tipping your puzzle, it may be time to transform it into a more permanent surface. This do-it-yourself project is easy and takes less than an hour to complete. These instructions assume your folding table has a bottom lip. If not, see tips for how to change them to suit your needs
Set your narrow folding table put on your safety glasses. Drilling of metal can throw sparks and sliced. Place an apartment stays in a corner formed by a leg and table top, set so that a screw hole rests against the inside of the table’s bottom lip. The other screw will rest against the table leg. mark through the screw holes with a marker pen. Set aside the stay. Drill through the bottom table lip of the position you have selected. Use a drill with the same diameter as your bolts. Drill through both sides of the table leg at the position you have selected. Use the same drill for the other hole.
Move the flat brace and connect it to the narrow folding table with screws and nuts. Place the screws flat head faces outwards and the nut faces at the table. Pull down the nuts with a wrench or pliers. Repeat step three of eight for the remaining three legs. Tips and warnings if the table has a lower lip use the L-braces instead. Attach one end of the table leg and the other on the bottom of the table. Place the upper bolt so the nut pointing down toward the floor.

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