Make Antique Brass Bedside Table

Unique Brass Bedside Table

Brass bedside table – Many prefer the appearance of antique brass to light polished surface typical of new brass pieces, especially in this post about beside table. But there is no reason to wait for the change to take place on its own the natural corrosive process that produces the darker appearance of old brass can take years. With some simple deliveries, new brass can be given an antique patina for about an hour. The process is simple and safe, as long as common sense precautions are observed. Start this project to make antique brass bedside table with clean the brass part. Use acetone (available… Continue Reading

Modern Bar Height Kitchen Table

New Bar Height Kitchen Table

Bar height kitchen table – Modern design of all kitchens is primarily about functionality. Therefore, experts in search of interesting and practical solutions often borrow ideas from completely different spheres. Such a successful borrowing became a bar. Today, these constructions are not only used as the work space for the bartender, but also at home. Of course, in the home kitchen rack easier to put their professional counterparts but the style, design and functionality of their stay at an excellent level.We will understand how to make a bar table for the kitchen with hands, to save on the services of professional designers, not cheap Pros… Continue Reading

Durable Butcher Block Kitchen Table

DIY Butcher Block Kitchen Table

Butcher block kitchen table – The table is an important aspect of kitchen design. Not only need to be very functional, but aesthetically appealing too. Appropriate material selection is the key to keeping a table looking nice for many years to come, and durability is one of the most important factors, as a table will need to resist scratches, dyeing, heat and a myriad of other conditions. Some materials are more durable than others when it comes to table tops. Stone of all kinds, including slate and granite, are among the most used products in modern furnishings. Butcher block is a wood product made of… Continue Reading

Decorate Glass Console Table

Stylish Glass Console Table

Glass console table may also make strong design focus points, be it in the foyer, the living room, a bedroom and an upstairs hallway.  While a minimalist can keep the console as empty as possible table offers a way to produce small collections. Think about how you use your glass console table. In time, it can sometimes keep keys and post in the dining room, it can function as a sideboard in dinner parties. Hold function in the table in mind as you decorate. Consider design aesthetics of your space. Using glass console table as a way to both reflect and magnify or increase the… Continue Reading

DIY Frame of End Tables with Marble Tops

White End Tables with Marble Tops

End tables with marble tops – Building a table frame is a project that most homeowners can fill on their own in just a few hours. Use a tape measure to measure the length and width of your marble plate. Subtract four inches from the length and width of the plate to find the dimensions of your table frame. Cut two pieces of two and four hardwood to the length of measurement you only took with a circle saw. Stand the four boards upright on their longest narrow edges. Arrange the boards in a rectangular shape, sandwiching the shorter boards between the ends of the… Continue Reading

Wayfair Patio Side Table Metal

Wrought Iron Patio Side Table Metal

Patio side table metal – are a staple of beautiful outdoor spaces everywhere. Solid and sturdy with hundreds of great designs to choose from, you can find style and quality without compromising on durability and ease of use. Whether you need side tables, a side tables for drinks during happy hour, or a giant side tables for some serious outdoor entertaining, Wayfair has a selection of metal patio side tables to suit your taste and budget. And if you need more than just a side tables, look no further. We have many value-for-money sets with chairs included, so you can outfit your patio in one… Continue Reading

The Best Rustic Round Kitchen Table

Popular Rustic Round Kitchen Table

Rustic round kitchen table – To build a massive top around the table, choose wood with the straightest edges possible. Remember, 2-in woods are rounded on the long sides and will create a V-groove in the joints when the pieces are glued together. The principle of making a round top table of wood is the same no matter what type of wood you use.  To make rustic round kitchen table, place 2-by-6s on a work table together with bar clips. Apply glue to one of the long edges of five of them, push them together and place the ribs on all six and tighten the… Continue Reading

How to Decorate Hooker Console Table

Amazing Hooker Console Table

Hooker console table – It’s hard to imagine a room without a console table. They are very practical and take up very little space. Choosing a console for the lobby requires us to be guided by the decorative style. We can also choose a table in a different style if we want to create an eclectic decoration or add an accent to emphasize and break through the monotony. We start with some rustic consoles, which usually provide us with a large storage capacity because they are usually quite large. If our recipient is not very tall, we can also find small copies. The finish is… Continue Reading

DIY Whitewash Kitchen Table

Whitewash Kitchen Table

Whitewash kitchen table – So long story short, when we moved into our little beach house a couple years ago, we slowly have been making it “us” versus a vacation rental, but as a family of five in such a small space, the decorating and function has been quite the challenge. I really miss my oversized solid wood farmhouse table!  I’ve really missed not having really any definitive dining space at all. The process isn’t too crazy difficult, and I just worked right in our home where the table was going to be. Here’s the step-by-step run down. Most products can be found at your… Continue Reading

Decorating Ideas for Modern Bedside Tables

Contemporary Modern Bedside Tables

Modern bedside tables are often one of the more utilitarian furniture in a bedroom, which is especially true if you get a bedroom set in which the bed, dresser and bedside tables all match long. Bedside tables are convenient for obtaining a uniform appearance, but they cannot add much personality to the space. Fortunately, you can spice up the look of your night table without breaking the bank and add some pizzazz to your bedroom in the process. Decorating Ideas for modern bedside tables with cloth. And then use a sheet or a swatch of colorful cloth to decorate your bedside table. Experiment with draping… Continue Reading