Concrete Patio Table Ideas

Concrete patio table – The concrete is ideal for use outdoors where it is exposed to the durable material elements. Turned into one of the most fashionable materials when it comes to creating decorative objects and accessories, concrete is a fantastic choice to make a tabletop for the terrace or garden, as it can withstand heat and moisture without damaging itself. Forget the problems of wood, spare parts and maintenance, with concrete and the right materials you can make your own board for a table that will last a lifetime.
Before making the concrete patio table mix, prepare a frame with the four wooden slats with the measures you want your table to have. Then mix the contents of the bag with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This can be done in an electric concrete mixer or by hand with a paddle. Concrete should be mixed just before use to prevent. Before it is poured into the frame. The consistency of the concrete should be similar to that of a thick porridge. Remember that concrete should be mixed just before use to prevent it from hardening. Immediately pour enough mixture into the wooden frame. If necessary, use your fingers (with gloves) to push the dough over the entire surface. You can also use a masonry trowel.
Once the first layer of concrete patio table is smooth, place the steel mesh in the middle, this will give consistency to the board when the dough is dry. Once the mesh is placed, pour the rest of the concrete over to cover and smooth the dough with the trowel. To avoid bubbles, carefully shake the frame and, with the help of a hammer, beat around to see that it is even and without bubbles. Finally, allow the concrete to dry before removing the mold from the table. To obtain the best results, let it stand for at least 48 hours, although this will depend on the depth of the concrete and the surrounding conditions. Place the mold in the sunlight and away from moisture to speed up the drying process. During this period, it is advisable to moisten the surface with a little water sprayed with a brush or a sprayer.

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