DIY Barn Door for Bathroom

Barn door for bathroom – Every time we peep a barn sliding door at inside viewers something is going to crumble. They give a beautiful rustic touch to any interior and there are many advantages to it. That’s why we thought it was high time to find out how to make such a nice sliding door and it seems easier than we thought beforehand. First, you measure how big the sliding door should be. Measure the height and width of the door hole and add up to ten centimeters on both sides so that the entire doorway and the door post overlap when the door hangs.
Barn door for bathroom always has a shelf that runs across the rest. Measure (as in the video) the center of the shelf in the width and place a line. This is done on both sides of the lace. Lay the shelf across the frame so that the stripes of the center of the shelf are placed on the corners. Draw the angle at which the shelf should be sawn and then cut it exactly over the lines. Use the template again to drill oblique holes and make the holes in the frame. Attach the transverse beam. At the back of the door, make two wooden beams on the side. These serve as a list for the vertical slats that you will make at the next step.
Grab the boards with groove and brass and cut them in the right sizes. Drill them one by one on the frame, as you can see in the video. The last bar will not fit exactly and therefore you need to measure it carefully and to tailor it. Draw a line that is parallel to the transverse shelf at the front at the rear across the door. Drill screws along that line, so that the slanting board gets extra firmness. Measure where the handles must come on both sides of the door and drill a small hole as a marker. Now paint the door in your desired color and allow it to dry completely. Then tighten the handles and then the door is ready! Hang up the barn door for bathroom according to the suspension system manual.

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