Frame Barn Dutch Doors

Barn Dutch doors are actually two doors fits into a door frame, with the upper and lower parts of the door opening and closing. You can open a Dutch door as a whole door, or with half open and the other half closed. The classic Dutch door is often used in a barn, with the animal being able to look open the top of the door while keeping it in the barn with the closed bottom of the door. Build a frame for your Dutch door to keep the doors hanging, stabbing or moving.
Measure your barn Dutch doors with a tape measure. Build an opening for your Dutch door by leaving or cutting an opening in the wall. The opening should be 2 inches longer in height and about 4 inches wider than the measurements of your Dutch door. Straighten the vertical posts of the door using a carpenter’s ladder. Select the side of the opening where you want the hinges to sit. And then cut two 2- from 4-inch pieces of wood by half the height of the door frame with a circular saw. These will be hinged jambs of your Dutch door.
Attach the two hinged jambs you cut in step 2 vertical hinge side of the door using a wooden screw and a power nail driver. The 4-inch side of wood planks should be parallel to the doorway. Use a wooden screw that is more than 2 inches tall to secure the plank in place. And then cut a 2-by-4 piece of wood according to the height of the door frame with a circular saw. Attach it to the opposite side of the door frame using a wooden screw and a power nail driver. Cut two 2-by-4 pieces of wood according to the width of the door frame using a circular saw. Screw in the hinges and install the Dutch door to your door frame. Barn Dutch doors have a total of four hinges because it has an upper door and a lower door that opens separately. Make sure all four hinges are fully aligned when you screw them into the hinge frame.

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