Hanging Barn Sliding Door

Barn sliding door – Hanging barn doors travel along a horizontal lane of metal transported in trolleys with wheels that allow the door to slide open and close. The carts are adjustable to raise or lower the door for proper clearance and maintain the level of the doors horizontally. Removing the track doors to check for proper installation when adjustments are made helps maintain the doors properly. Remove the end stop bolts from the rail end with a wrench to remove it, allowing the door to roll off the end of the rail. Position the door horizontally on a pair of trestles. Tighten all bolts and carriage mounting bolts with a screwdriver wrench and socket. Replace screws removed with a slightly thicker and longer bolt of the same type, to allow for tightening. Rub the paraffin wax along the metal rail to lubricate lightly while the door is off the track. Spray lubricating spray on the axle of each carriage wheel.
Search for adjustment bolts barn sliding door, usually in the center of each carriage hanging. The adjusting nut will either be at the top of the carriage, or at the center, accessible through the face of the carriage. Use the wrench to tighten the nuts to the end, turning clockwise, to raise the door as high as possible. Turn each nut back two turns to allow some space for adjustment and adjust the back door on the track.
Back to position the holder and tighten in place with a key. Open and close the door a couple of times, check the bottom clearance. Place a level on a vertical end of the door. If the bubble is near the center and the barn sliding door is closing completely, leave it tight as it is. If not, tighten or loosen the adjusting nuts as necessary to level the door, with the key with the door in place, and retest until your door is opened and closed in a satisfactory manner. Fixing bolts can be screwed manually with a wrench, but a little hex head mounted on an electric drill is faster. Place machine oil drops into the hole when drilled through the steel to lubricate the drill, which keeps it sharper longer.

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