How Lay Glass Sheet Kitchen Backsplash

Glass sheet kitchen backsplash – A glass tile backsplash adds a stylish appeal to a plain wall and take out the charm of wood cabinets. Install glass tile is an ideal project for artistic homeowners who want to protect the wall behind the sink and add color to the kitchen at the same time. Consider the glass carefully and consider its beauty as well as its disadvantages when deciding on a style tiles. Glass tiles need more attention than ceramic or tile because the glass can chip easily.

Clean the tile area thoroughly to remove any dirt and debris. The thin-set will not stick to the wall completely if there is something on the wall. Use a tape measure and pencil to outline the area you will tiles. Apply thin-set to a lower corner of the tile area using the notched side of a 3/16-inch V-notch trowel. Applies only small portions at a time because the grout becomes unusable after 45 minutes.  Add the plates on the counter to arrange them in a way that is appealing to you. Use this set-up for placing the tiles on the wall in the same order. If you are using paper-backed sheets of glass tiles, use a sheet to measure the glass sheet kitchen backsplash area and determine if the leaves must be cut to fit the space. Place the first tray in a lower corner of the region selected. Setting the next tile on the side of the first plate and placing a space between the two plates.

How lay glass sheet kitchen backsplash, place a wooden block on a few sheets at a time and gently hitting the wood with a hammer to set the tiles evenly. Wait 30 minutes and remove the spacers. If using paper-backed glass tiles, dampen a sponge. Wet the paper backs plates until they are dark brown. Keep hands wet, to prevent the adhesive to stick to hands, and dragging a corner of the paper on the first sheet of plates and slowly pulling on a downward diagonal angle. Grout the tiles with a grout float and small amounts of grout begins in the lower corner. Clean the tile surfaces with a wet sponge. Seal the outer edge of the tile by means of a coordinating color proof.

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