How to Clean and Polish Granite Kitchen Table

Granite kitchen table – Granite is a beautiful and very versatile material used in the construction of various surfaces in the home. In many kitchens, granite is the base of the table, allowing practical cleaning and an ideal surface for kneading. The cleaning of the granite is usually quite practical, simply passing a damp cloth over the table surface to remove dirt and dust. However, if you want to do a more effective cleaning, solve some aged stain or polish the granite to restore its original shine, do not miss these simple tips, very useful and easy to run. Start by releasing the surface, removing objects and decorations. Then rinse with a soft, dry cloth to remove lint and loose dirt. Now, you are ready to begin.
The first part of this cleaning will be with detergent or dishwasher cleaner. Simply place it on a sponge and examine the surface with circular movements, vigorously rubbing over the adhering dirt or wherever you notice that it is not so smooth and smooth. Then rinse with a sponge, soaking it with warm water. With this step you will eliminate the simple dirt, and you will degrease the area to take the next step. Let it dry to perfection before proceeding. Now analyze the granite kitchen table. See if there are skipped parts or holes in any sector. If there are any, make sure they are dry, and seal with sealant and granite filler. This product is applied, paired with a spatula, and allowed to dry for a few hours, according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
Steps for polishing granite kitchen table. Apply the second specific product for granite: an aerosol sealer, which is simply applied by spraying it on the surface to fill the smallest perforations, such as scratches and small strokes that may have granite, and are not visible to the naked eye. After spraying, let it act for a few seconds, and rub in circular motions and making a little pressure, using a soft dry cloth. This will be essential for the granite to recover its luster, acting as a real polisher and polisher, such as that of wood. When polishing granite, remember to go over the corners, joints and edges. We often clean only the visible area of ​​the granite, and this is a big mistake that only affects the final result. If there are jagged parts or holes in the granite, make sure they are dry, and seal them with granite sealer and filler. When polishing, remember to check the corners, joints and edges well. We often clean only the visible area of ​​the granite, and this is a big mistake that only affects the end result.

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