How to Make Coffee Tables with Storage

Coffee tables with storage – Multiple coffee tables uses space saving, keeping the living room clutter free. Table storage center must be mixed with the style of the other furnishings in the room. It must be more than a place to get objects out of sight. Multiple drawers have craft and scrap booking supplies, game cartridges and DVDs. Find two pieces of irregularly veined walnut around 2 by 4 feet by 1 inch thick. These will be the top and bottom of the storage coffee table. Draw a 24-by-48 rectangle on the wrong side of each piece, using a sharp carpenter’s pencil. Place a second-inch rectangle 23-by-47 inside the first.
Coffee tables with storage, drill the 1/8-inch diameter holes in the four corners between the two rectangles you have described on the two veined walnut sheets. Refer to the image accompanying this step for the positions of the correct screw holes. Drill pilot holes into the 24-inch 23 by corresponding holes using 1-inch side pieces. Countersink all holes. Turn the top and bottom pieces so that the good side is facing up. Place the side pieces between the top and bottom and the screw loosely in place at the four corners with 2 inch brass wood screws. Do not tighten these four screws all the way until after the next step. Place the blade 23 inch-by-47 nut between the top and bottom parts and side parts to make a back piece for table storage. Tighten the four corner screws all the way. Drilling 2-inch deep holes of 1/8 inch pilot diameter through each side piece and the back piece, indicated by the black squares in the image accompanying this step. Countersink all holes. One with 2 inch long brass wood screws.
Coffee tables with storage, drill 2 inches deep, 1/8 inch pilot holes, through the top and bottom, on the back piece, where indicated by the white square markings on the image accompanying this step. Countersink all holes. One with 2 inch long brass wood screws. Place the pieces of two 1 by 1 by 46 inches of walnut wood 7 inches apart, flush with the front edge, between the side pieces, as shown in the picture accompanying this step, to form divisions for drawers. Drill 1/8 inch pilot holes and screw drawer spacers into place. The drawer separators should create three openings equal to the width of the drawers where the time goes.

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