How to Make Twin XL Platform Bed

Twin XL platform bed – The field under full and double-size platform beds represents more than 25 square foot storage space. A set of drawers under the platform support in the bed allows you to not only take advantage of it, but to arrange ways just stuffing junk underneath. Set an afternoon for this project. Cut all wood loads to dimensions needs using your power so. Sand all faces of your wooden load with coarse grain grinding paper. Sand one 54 of 37 1/2 plywood sheets and all 25 of 33 plywood sheets with fine grain grinding paper. You can fine sand all wooden loads if you want, but these particular faces are the only where it’s essential. The big sheets are where you want to put the mattress, which could hang on roughly wooded wood. Smaller sheets will form at the bottom of the drawers and you will reduce friction.

Twin XL platform bed, lay down four 2 of 6 beams parallel to each other, their ends adjusted. Near the edges of all four beams shall be 33 inches from the nearest edge of adjacent beams. Set two plywood sheets onto the light so that their outer edges rinse with the outer edges of the square formed by the beams. Screw plywood sheets into place with two four screws per sheet. Each line should have one screw driven into each beam below. Drive screws through plywood and into the beam. Gather a 5 1/2 of 24 plywood sheets and a 5 1/2 of 33 plywood sheets. Put them in an L, with the end of the 24-inch sheet adjoining the inside face of the 33-inch sheet. Glue them together and reinforce with three equal spaces finishing nails. Give L’s together to form a rectangle. Glue and nail both open corners.

Set 25 of 33 plywood sheets on the twin XL platform bed frame. Reinforce with a nail per corner and two equal spaces of nails along each side. Wait for all seams in the drawer to dry. If you build more drawers, you can use this time to build the next one. Put the tray drawer to the center of a 33-inch side of the box you have built. This is done according to the instructions that came with drafts. Usually, this screw enters it. Load the tray in one of the holes between the 2 of 6 beams form support for the bed platform. Build additional trays as required. This design fits three drawers If one side of the bed is against a wall. There will be six drawers if both sides are exposed.

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