Painted End Tables with Colored Polyurethane

Painted end tables – When you paint furniture, often project involves applying more than one product to achieve the results you desire. By painting a table with colored polyurethane, you can simplify the painting process. Instead of coloring the wood and then applying a layer of polyurethane to seal and create a matte or glossy finish using a tinted polyurethane product. Select polyurethane with a shade of your choice and paint the end tables with a beautiful finish. how to painted end tables with colored polyurethane. Sand surfaces table with sandpaper to prepare the forest for polyurethane. Rub the sandpaper lightly over the surface of the table until the wood has a scuffed feel and look. Wipe the table with a tack cloth after sanding to remove sawdust. Apply wood conditioner if the wood is porous or soft as these forests can absorb the colored polyurethane unevenly.
Then painted end tables with colored polyurethane. Load a brush with colored polyurethane and apply it within two hours, apply wood conditioner. Brush polyurethane on the wood in a thin layer, coating evenly table. Allow the polyurethane to dry for at least six hours. Rub end tables surfaces lightly with steel wool and wipe the wood with a tack cloth. Apply a second layer of the colored polyurethane to create a deeper stain color on the table. Let the second coat of polyurethane to dry for at least six hours. Clean brush with mineral spirits (for oil based polyurethane) or with water.
Tips and warnings to painted end tables with colored polyurethane. Soft and porous wood species that will benefit from the wood conditioner include aspen, alder, spruce and fir. If you apply oil based products, work in a well-ventilated place to prevent chemical vapors. If the end tables contain the old paint prior to 1978, you can create lead dust as you sand table. Because of the toxicity of lead, use extreme caution while grinding, if you suspect the paint may contain lead. Wear protective clothing and a respirator with special approval rating for lead removal. Keep children and pregnant women away from the work area. Consider hiring an expert to conduct refinishing work of lead paint may be on the table.

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