Replacing Round Glass Patio Table

A round glass patio table is reliable furniture for the patio because it is relatively easy to clean, as opposed to a wooden table that will weather and distort the time. However, the glass in a patio table can be scratched and tired and needs to be replaced. There are a number of ways to do this, including changing what the surface of the table is actually made of. Replace round glass patio table, by just switching the glass into a patio table you will have removed the worn out look and made your patio table look as new as new. Depending on the size of your patio table, replacement glass, textured or clear, costs $ 250 to $ 350 by the end of 2009 to cut and ship to you, complete with a hole in the center of your umbrella.
Replace round glass patio table with Plastic, because the glass table is a bit fragile, replacing a table top glass patio with a plastic table top can be the perfect option. This table tops are about the same price but are more resistant to bumps and scratches against their surfaces. Plastic sheet material is made of acrylic Plexiglas and is almost irreplaceable. They can be patterned or clear in their design. The only drawbacks to these tables are that they seem to be a little cheap, as even imitation glass plastics have certain tackiness for them.
A much more expensive but also much more expressive and aesthetically pleasing alternative to a round glass patio table is a round stone-top patio table. These tables are often ornately constructed of stones, cement and mortar, with patterns of different colored stones and tiles decorating their peaks. Persistent for both people’s abuse and the weather, these tables will survive the house itself, if it is given opportunity. But if you simply change the glass in your patio table, a stone table top cannot work because they need quite specific frames. Most stone table tops support to hold those made of strong metal, many glass and plastic table patio have plastic supports holding them up, as they are designed to keep much less weight.

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